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Friends of Silent Voice - Summer Update

By: Angela Gerada, Manya Bandari, Nishita Pillai, and Senoli Jayaratha, HYI Volunteers

August 18, 2021

On Wednesday August 4, 2021, our Wednesday Service Learning Team visited the Silent Voice ASL Camp for youth. For the past several months, the service learning team has explored ASL, developed a fundraiser, and was excited to meet the youth at the ASL camp!

What was the purpose of the visit to Silent Voice camp?

Get an idea / experience of the ASL community and how they communicate with each other.

Get an idea of how the camp works and the activities the kids do.

What happened during the visit?

We learned more about the ASL culture, and some words pertaining to the camps weekly theme (the Olympics). Played charades to learn how difficult it can be with the language barrier. Learned numbers and how to sign our names in ASL. Met with their youth leadership group, did craft activities led by the ASL youth leaders and got a better feel for how they run their camp.

What do youth learn at the camp?

Youth learn ASL, leadership skills, interpersonal/ relationship building skills. They get to spend time with other people from the deaf and hard of hearing community, and are given the opportunity to attend a summer camp that is accessible to their needs. As well, family members who are related to members of the community are able to get a better understanding of how their children / siblings / cousins / parents communicate in their language and learn parts of the language to engage in conversation. Some learn to read and write English so that they have a better means of communication with others.

How can people get involved in our fundraiser?

Follow the Instagram account friends.of.silent.voice and dm (message) us to purchase a piece of jewelry or donate through gofundme . We will also be at the Acton farmers market later this summer - stay tuned! All proceeds go towards helping the children attend the ASL summer camp. Every penny helps!

Learn more about the Silent Voice Summer Program



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