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Making a Podcast: Our Youth Dive into the World of Podcasting in Preparation for Orange Shirt Day!

By Julia C., Halton Youth Initiative Youth Volunteer

September 15, 2020

Julia talks about her experience participating in a podcast for the first time as youth from our HYI project get ready to host their own around the topic of Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation! Check out the podcast.

As part of the Halton Youth Initiative (HYI), we are currently working on shining a light on truth and reconciliation for the indigenous people in Canada. Through this experience, I am gaining so much new knowledge and I am eager to make an impact in what ways I can.

We wanted to find a way to further educate not only ourselves but also others and a podcast seemed perfect. It is a conversation that others can connect with while hearing different perspectives and experiences. We want many different voices to be heard throughout this series so that topics can be discussed from multiple viewpoints.

The podcast that we are creating is led by youth, however, we have Stephen Hurley, one of our adult allies from voicED, helping us on our journey. He joined us for an introductory podcast and showed us how they are created. I very much enjoy working with Stephen who has experience with creating podcasts and it is very helpful to be hearing all of his tips and strategies that he uses to create a successful one. What I am hoping becomes of this project is that it can be a place where people can just listen and take something away with them, leading them to continue to reflect.

We will be diving into struggles that are faced by the indigenous community and also be exploring their cultures. I am really excited to be a part of this and to put out content that will bring us another step forward in our path to reconciliation in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for more information on our developing podcast as our HYI youth prepare their video release for Orange Shirt Day on September 30th.


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