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Reflecting on Elijah Mulder's Co-op Experience

By: Lily Viggiano, Project Coordinator, HYI and Elijah Mulder, Co-op Student and HYI Volunteer

August 17, 2021

The Halton Youth Initiative happily on boarded long-time volunteer Elijah Mulder as a co-op student this summer. Elijah joined the Aldershot Youth Crew shortly before the pandemic and he has been a fixture in the virtual HYI program ever since.

From developing video clips on the important topic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) to vlogging about fun video games to developing social media content on Climate Crisis - Elijah can be counted on to think outside the box, keep the conversation going, and provide valuable insights to utilizing technology in our community spaces.

Elijah created a series of video clips for the HYI during his five week co-op placement in addition to supporting the efforts of the Communication Crew Knowledge Mobilizers team.

Here’s what Elijah had to say about his placement: “My connection to the HYI is as a volunteer and for a CO-OP course which allowed me to create multiple projects. For video projects I normally start out writing as a script then I make assets for the video that ties into the script and then I do voice-overs and after that's done I do editing and that I submit my video for criticism. What I have learnt from my Co-op and during my experiences at HYI has set me for my future career, like how to do a successful marketing campaign and how to make engaging videos. Overall my recommendation to anyone wanting to do Co-op is to choose a job you want to do in your future and find out if you like it to see if it's the job for you.”

A graphic from Elijah's Why Youth Should Volunteer video.

Check out Elijah's Work here:

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