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What Caroline Has to Say About Expanding Youth Possibilities

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Our Website Advisory Team Members Share Their Thoughts

By: Caroline M. (grade 11)

March 2, 2020

I think it is important for adults to expand possibilities for me and other young people because it will allow us to gain new experiences and skills that we will be able to apply to our everyday lives.

Also, it will prepare us for our future, as we will have gained knowledge and experience with many different things. If we are not exposed to many possibilities, we won’t be aware and knowledgeable about these things. This may prevent us from fulfilling our individual potentials and dreams.

Lastly, when we meet new people, we make new connections and these connections can help us grow as a person, and develop everlasting relationships. I hope that by participating in the Youth Website Advisory Team my possibilities will be expanded through meeting new people, who will teach me and provide me with a new connection.

Furthermore, I hope that being on this team will help make me further knowledgeable on website building and will help build my teamwork skills. In entirety, I hope this team enables me to learn new skills and grow as an individual so that I can apply these skills in other areas of my life and in my future.



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