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2017 North Oakville Community Stakeholders Forum & Youth Action Framework

On May 25, 2017, before the Halton Youth Initiative came into existence, and even before the North Oakville Youth Development Council was around, there was North Oakville’s Our Kids Network Community Stakeholders Youth Forum with 30 different organizations that participated.  The purpose of the Forum was to gather stakeholders from various organizations and disciplines in order to pool our ideas together to develop a Youth Action Framework for North Oakville.  As a result of this Youth Action Framework, the North Oakville Youth Development Council (NOYDC) was born.  It is also a useful resource to refer back to not only for the NOYDC but for all stakeholders who work with youth in Oakville as a starting point to find out if more work needs to be done in any particular area.  


Key questions that were asked at this Forum included:

·         How might we create even more safe and unstructured hangout spaces for youth in North Oakville?

·         How might we create even more caring relationships with youth in North Oakville?

·         How might we even better connect Youth in North Oakville to existing resources and supports?

·         How might we actively engage Youth even more within our own organizations?


Many of these questions were based around key themes that emerged from youth feedback during a North Oakville Focus Group in 2016 hosted by OKN and other stakeholders (Refer to the North Oakville – one page summary for more information).


Finally, a Forum Evaluation Summary has been included for your information.

Group Brainstorming
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