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Our Projects

Find profiles of the Halton Youth Initiative projects.  Profiles include a description, links to useful resources, and photos to inspire future projects.

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2021 11
OTF Recogntion Event 

On Friday November 26th Effie Triantafilopoulos, MPP for Oakville North-Burlington joined the Our Kids Network as we celebrated the Halton Youth Initiative. 


2021 10 ROCK Blog trivia night.png

2021 10
Service Learning Team - ROCK

For three months, the HYI Service Learning team focused their efforts on creating an awareness and action campaign to promote the programs and services of ROCK (Reach Out Centre for Kids), our local youth mental health organization in Halton Region. 

IMG_0044 (1).jpg

2021 09
How to Build an Equity Team 101 Toolkit

A large team effort helped to create an equity team 101 toolkit.  Learn about the process.

2021 09 Acton Farmers Market.jpg

2021 09
Friends of Silent Voice

This summer the Service Learning team of the Halton Youth Initiative continued learning from and volunteering in support of Silent Voice. 

2021 07 Halton Hills 1 - cropped_edited_edited_edited.jpg

2021 08
Town of Halton Hills Fosters Leadership

In the summer of 2021 the Town of Halton Hills hosted Leadership Programs in both Georgetown and Acton.  Learn about the importance of volunteerism, how it connects to leadership and building connections in the Halton Hills community. 

Beautiful day to get the team together.JPG

2021 08
Wellness Walk

On Tuesday, August 3, six HYI volunteers joined HYI Coordinator Lily at Coronation Park on Lakeshore Ave for a Wellness Walk event.

2021 Vance_Creative Spaces 1.png

2021 08
Amplifying Muslim Figures 

An act of domestic terrorism in the summer of 2021 resulted in Arshiya Alam, a Muslim student who volunteers with HYI, taking action.  Learn more.

leaders circle.png

2021 07
Leader's Circle

Several of the breakout room leaders from the Halton Youth Initiative came together for the first-ever HYI Leader’s Circle. Led by SHSM co-op student and fellow breakout room leader, Amber Siddiqui, the leader's circle was a chance for folks to come together, learn from one another's experience and begin collaboration on a Best Practices resource. 

2021 06 Fly the Flag with Pride hybrid event (1).png

2021 06
Halton Pride Collective

In April 2021, there was a student-led delegation to have the pride flags raised at Catholic schools in the region.


2021 05
Halton Youth Impact Survey

Volunteers from the Halton Youth Initiative had an incredible opportunity to participate in the Halton Youth Impact survey throughout the 2021 year. The Halton Youth Impact survey, coordinated by Our Kids Network, was one of four communities piloting a new child and youth well-being survey developed by UNICEF. 

2021 03 Connection Series - Craft Sale at RESOUL youth parking lot with Inside Halton (1).

2021 04
Menstruation Equity 

The Menstruation Equity team was formed in January 2021 to tackle three goals:


1) Raise Awareness

2) Advocate for Change

3) Take Action

Mental Health Myths - Farrah (1).png

Minds Matter

We chose to focus on mental health because we must be informed about mental health because struggling with it can easily happen to us - or someone close to us. As community awareness for mental health becomes normalized; stigma reduces and the chances of early intervention increase - leading to faster recovery.

2021 02 Black History Month - business support (1).png

2021 05
Addressing Racial Injustice in Schools

The Equitable Spaces Team was formed in January 2021 to tackle these goals:

  • Raise Awareness

  • Take Action

Deep Dive Josh Detlor pic.png

2021 04
Deep Dive: Youth Organizing for the Greater Good

Sharing information on movements organized by young leaders across the globe. We gathered thoughts on what youth feel you need to have/know to run successful community projects and began developing tools/resources to share with the public on this topic. 

2019 09 - Milton Fall Fair - volunteer team.JPG

2021 02
Creating Youth Friendly Spaces at Your Fair

On February 15, 2021, three Milton Youth Action Team volunteers delivered a one-hour presentation to the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (OAAS) at their virtual convention.

1 - Climate change.png

2021 01
Climate Crusaders 

The Climate Crusaders came together in January 2021 to raise awareness on Climate change, and to take action on Climate Justice. The group members included: Elijah Mulder, Joudie Albahdadi, Layan Haddadin, Nimra Ramzan, Ziad Sinno, and Isha Tokas.

AS Necklaces - amber stone 10$.png

2020 12
Crafting for a Cause- Darling Home for Kids

A virtual fundraiser to raise money for Darling Home for Kids. Volunteers created crafts and jewelry to purchase, as well as accepted donations. 


2020 11
Black Lives Matter Panel

On November 25, six passionate Black youth came together to share their experiences, answer questions form the community and outlined what needs to happen to create a safe, more equitable community for Black people in Halton Region.

2020 10 Luke Swinson_FaithW (1).png

2020 10 Reconcili-ACTION

Volunteers in the Halton Youth Initiative have shown an ongoing commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation journey. They recognize the importance of Truth, making space to reckon with that information and equipping themselves with solutions to build relationships and take action!

the time is NOW - youtube.png

2020  10
Deep Dive: Environmental Sustainability

During the Fall of 2020, Josh Taylor-Detlor planned and facilitated another amazing Deep Dive series - this time focusing on the topic of environmental sustainability. 


2021 09 Nishita Pillai Angela Gerada Senoli Jayaratha 1.jpg

2020  09
Crafting for
a Cause

We’ve raised money for Links2Care, Darling Home for Kids, Bridging the Gap, Silent Voice, and ROCK (Reach Out Centre for Kids). Over the course of the fundraisers, we’ve raised over $3000.


Your ReconciliACTION Challenge example - week 1.png

2020 06
Deep Dive: Your ReconciliACTION Challenges

The purpose of the Deep Dive: Your ReconciliACTION challenge was to give HYI youth and social media followers an opportunity to engage in Indigenous content during National Indigenous Peoples month in a "gamified" way.

YRJ Pledge Alisha .png

2020 06
Deep Dive: Your ReconciliACTION Journey

Josh our junior facilitator created an amazing Deep Dive series filled with thought-provoking questions and thoroughly researched talking points.

20200506 Ekaterina.jpg

2020 05
National Youth Week Virtual Art Show

On For National Youth Week the Halton Youth Initiative
showcased youth art and voices in our community. The Virtual Art Show provided a venue to spread the opinions of youth and showcase the incredible talents they have.

2020 EP Part 1.png

2020 05
Expanding Possibilities Panels

The Expanding Possibilities Panels offered two panels, one with business and community leaders and one with arts and tech leaders.

Week 3 - Challenge Growth_ Farrah Laufer.png

2020 04
COVID-19 Virtual Response Team

The idea for the COVID-19 Virtual Response Team met two outcomes: create a safe space for youth to come together online and met our project goals by sharing these tasks with the community.  

2020 07 CC Alisha Water IG Post (1).png

2020 04
Indigenous Literacy

The Communications Crew continued to express their interest in being part of the Truth and Reconciliation Journey.  Volunteers were tasked with finding a topic, story or person of interest and were asked to write a blog or create social media slides to share what they learned.

Expressing Care - Art Party.png

2020 04
Expressing Care Sessions

The first days of the pandemic were intense, emotional and overwhelming.  Youth were isolated in their homes.  This team got busy and prepared events and activities so that youth could connect.

2020 01 - Town of Milton - Youth Voice _We Make Milton_1.jpg

2020 01
Town of Milton: Youth Voice

The Milton Youth Action Team was dedicated to amplifying youth voices in their community. In addition to a strong social media presence and expressing themselves on the team and in their school clubs/council - they connected directly with the Town of Milton to ensure that young people were heard and included in decisions that affect them!

2019 11 - Pitch Competition - Winning team + Judges - cropped.jpg

2019 11
Milton Pitch Competition

The Community Action Project Pitch was an opportunity for our group members to come up with ideas on what the Milton Youth Action Team would work on to support the community.

2019 TSS Events_Crafting for a Cause cheque to Links2Care.jpg

2019 The Seven Somebodies Events

From the team's inception until the transition to virtual the Seven Somebodies interacted with their community at a number of events.

2019 09 Alderfest_AYC.JPG

2019 09

Learn about the experience of the Aldershot Youth Crew at the Alderfest celebration.

201910 Milton Blog - cropped.jpg

2019 09
Milton Fair Battle of the Bands

The first project of the Milton Youth Action Team was suggested by the Town of Milton - Youth Coordinator, Michelle Dittmer. She asked MYAT to come together and plan two stages: a Battle of the Bands competition and a Rec Room on Friday September 27 of the Fair weekend.  

Group event picture - cropped.jpg

2019 08
25 Community Conversations

From May 1st to August 23rd, 2019, a series of 25 conversations were held across Oakville to commemorate The Oakville Community Foundation's 25th Anniversary. With the combined participation of over 330 community members, the 25 groups consisted of people from every age,

Rehearsal of HT Student Presentation.JPG

2019 08
Holy Trinity Grade 9 Student Orientation

On August 28, 2019 youth volunteers from our North Oakville Youth Development Council presented to over 300 students and parents for the Grade 9 Orientation Day at Holy Trinity Secondary School. 

2019 TSS Events_Selena decorating the window at Acton Youth Centre.JPG

2019 07
Youth Voice:  Town of Halton Hills Planning

We would like to acknowledge the incredible partnership with many departments in the Town of Halton Hills for their ongoing commitment to amplifying youth voices on decisions that affect them. Including youth in every step of the process allows for young people to feel connected to their community, have a sense of pride for building their community and better understand how local government works!

2019 - DR in Action - MYAT night out to support Amber_s directorial debut.jpg

2019 07
Developmental Relationships in Action - Milton

The depth of the relationships and the shift in both young people and the adults in the Milton Youth Action Team is the true marker of success.  Learn more about their journey. 

2019 AYC Isha Tokas Eva Ohata and Maddy Bauer.jpg

2019 07
Developmental Relationships in Action - Aldershot

The depth of the relationships and the shift in both young people and the adults in the Aldersthot Youth Crew is the true marker of success.  Learn more about their journey. 

2019 AYC Isha Tokas Eva Ohata and Maddy Bauer.jpg

2019 07
Developmental Relationships in Action - Aldershot

The depth of the relationships and the shift in both young people and the adults in the Aldersthot Youth Crew is the true marker of success.  Learn more about their journey. 

2019 06 - Exploring our Community_Chalk.JPG

2019 06
Exploring Our Community

Exploring our community became a favourite activity of the Seven Somebodies.  On beautiful days in the summer we would switch up normal programming to explore the Acton area.

2019 05 Spill the Tea_Aldershot Youth Crew.JPG

2019 05
Spill The Tea - Aldershot

Learn about the Spill the Tea
Activity hosted by the Aldershot Youth Crew at the Aldershot Wellness Fair.

IMG_0009 (2).JPG

2019 03
Piece Our Neighbourhood Together

Learn about the Piece Our Neighbourhood Together Event hosted by the North Oakville Youth Development Council on March 20th, 2019. 

IMG_0819 copy.jpg

2019 05
National Youth Week 

View photos from the neighbourhood barbeque hosted by the North Oakville Youth Development Council in celebration of National Youth Week 2019.

2019 TSS Expressing Care web.jpg

2019 05
Developmental Relationships in Action - TSS

The Seven Somebodies (TSS) was established in May of 2019 at the Our Kids Network Community Hub.  The initial team consisted of seven youth and community partners from a variety of organizations.

skate 6 (1).jpg

2018 11
Family Skate Night

View photos from a Free Youth & Family North Oakville Skate Night took place at the River Oaks Community Centre on Saturday November 24th 2018 with over 100 youth and adults in attendance.


2018 05
National Youth Week

View photos from the neighbourhood barbeque hosted by the North Oakville Youth Development Council in celebration of National Youth Week 2018.

Youth Talks-22-cropped.jpg

2018 03
Youth Talks:
Hear Us Out!

This Ted-Ex Talk-style event reversed the roles and had youth presenting to adults about issues that were important to them. Hosted by the North Oakville Youth Development Council.

Group Brainstorming

2017 05
North Oakville Community Stakeholders Forum & Youth Action Framework

On May 25, 2017, before the Halton Youth Initiative came into existence, and even before the North Oakville Youth Development Council was around, there was North Oakville’s Our Kids Network Community Stakeholders Youth Forum with 30 different organizations that participated.

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