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Deep Dive: Youth Organizing for the Greater Good

Written by: Josh Detlor, Haudenosaunee activist and Lily Viggiano, HYI facilitator

The 4th Deep Dive Series

The Deep Dive series formed in the virtual era of the Halton Youth Initiative. Each iteration is different and focuses on equipping youth with knowledge and tools needed to address the themes and projects emerging in HYI and in the community. They are short-term teams that connect learning modules, expert supports, micro-volunteer tasks and community showcases into one punchy project!


Purpose statement: Youth Organizing for the Greater Good

Empower youth to understand how to organize and show where they can find the tools/resources they need for successful projects/teams/organizations. Including connecting our team with community partners who provide opportunities and support to turn volunteer learning into real-world projects.


Series features

Sharing information on movements organized by young leaders across the globe. We gathered thoughts on what youth feel you need to have/know to run successful community projects and began developing tools/resources to share with the public on this topic. We had three experts come in for interviews to deepen our understanding of building community-based projects. Community partners will walk away with youth insights, ideas, campaigns, and/or research data to further their organizational goals.


Participating Organizations & HYI Youth Leaders

  • ArtHouse - Ashley Stevenson and Angela Gerada

  • Canadian Gap Year Association - Caroline Muileboom and Melissa Ban

  • Halton Youth Initiative - Tanvi Manku and Nauf Hmood

  • Our Kids Network - UNICEF survey - Adnan Awad, Amber Siddiqui, Claire Roufaeil, Jessica Kaiser, Kacy Bao, and Manu Kadalayil

  • Town of Halton Hills - Husni Almoayad and Zaynab Waraich

  • YMCA of Oakville -Diya Deepu, Ekaterina Stepenski


Quote from Canadian Gap Year Association: “It has been such a pleasure to watch these incredible youth work alongside my non-profit and develop skills in understanding organizational needs and creating solutions.  They continue to rise above the status quo and showcase the potential they have to change the world for the better.” - Michelle Dittmer


Associated Media

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