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2019 06 Exploring Our Community

Exploring our community became a favourite activity of the Seven Somebodies. On beautiful days in the summer we would switch up normal programming to explore the Acton area. 

Learning about our teammates' connection to certain streets, places and parks allowed everyone to feel like a “tour guide” and gain an appreciation for the town they live in. 

We visited places like the Acton Youth centre and Halton Hills public library to learn more about programs and services available to youth. There was a teen challenge at the library so we played along and won some prizes. We walked in parks to soak in the summer heat. We wrote messages of kindness on post-it notes or with chalk to brighten people's day. 

The team was extra nostalgic when we visited the playground from the elementary school - it was a great way for us to walk talk and play as our group was in our early days. 

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