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2019 09 Milton Fall Fair

The Milton Youth Action Team was established on July 2, 2019, with weekly meetings at Holy Rosary Elementary school in the heart of Milton. Their first project was suggested by the Town of Milton - Youth Coordinator, Michelle Dittmer. She asked MYAT to come together and plan two stages: a Battle of the Bands competition and a Rec Room on Friday, September 27 of the Fair weekend. Michelle connected us with the Halton Agricultural Society to host the Milton Fall Fair each year. We thank them for their ongoing support, coaching on how to run the stages, and for giving us 50 free tickets to share with our community partners to ensure that youth from every corner of Milton were able to attend. 

This newly formed group did not shy away from the challenge - and in fact, they embraced it! This pressure cooker experiment challenged their growth and expanded what was possible for this group to achieve. Not only did this establish relationships as a team, friendships and mentorships quickly developed. 

Battle of the Bands

We were excited to have several youth performers on the Battle of the Bands stage! Special shoutout to Rick Imus who connected us the majority of our acts, and to Ron Taylor (Halton Families for Families) who is also a music industry professional who brought two long-time contacts along to the Fall Fair to provide thorough and top-notch feedback to each of our performers. Thank you Lunar Tide for filming the performances so that all the acts could have a professional copy of their performance and expand their opportunities to book future gigs. Dozens of people sat at the picnic tables throughout the night to enjoy the acts! Congratulations to No Subtitles for winning $1000 worth of studio time for their top-rated performance. Here are the bands listed below (missing the name of our last-minute act, sorry). 

  • Bandits

  • Fosters Funk

  • Matthew Jushkevich

  • Natural Signs

  • No Subtitles

  • Snapbacks

  • Rec Room

The Rec Room

This was a space for youth to come together, have fun and learn more about some key youth-serving organizations in the Milton community. We had games, activities, a photo booth, a video game zone and more! Organizations would have fun and engaging tables and spaces - along with information for programs and services available to local teensThe following organizations had a booth in our Rec Room:

  • HMC Connections

  • Milton Public Library

  • Milton Youth Task Force

  • Our Kids Network

  • Region of Halton - Public Health

  • RE:SOUL Youth Centre

  • ROCK (Reach Out Centre for Kids)

  • Town of Milton


Wrap up
The volunteers learned so much during this project and we reflected and celebrated at Champs arcade after the event was done. Thank you to each and every person who made this a project we will never forget!

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