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Piece Our Neighbourhood Together
Youth Event

By: Sarah Al Botrous, Youth Volunteer, Event Planning Committee


On March 20th, 2019 at River Oaks Community Centre in Oakville, the North Oakville Youth Development Council held a youth-led event ‘Piece Our Neighbourhood Together’, where youth could get more engaged in the community and build good relationships with adults.


The Town of Oakville provided us with a room where we were able to set up some board games, custom puzzle pieces, a large mural, and provide some snacks.  Our mural theme was ‘What makes a caring neighbourhood’ where youth and adults were collaborating together and shared their thoughts to create a masterpiece.   Our board games were a big hit, as people of all ages were playing, getting to know each other, and were able to build stronger relationships.


 As Youth Development Council volunteers we all got to see and feel the joy and happiness that the room was filled with, which encourages us to keep trying and do some more events where a positive atmosphere can be created. 


*The Piece Our Neighbourhood Together event was a response by youth volunteers wanting to take action by expressing care in their neighbourhood based on the results of a 2018 Youth Voices Matter in North Oakville survey conducted by the Our Kids Network and other community partners. 

Read the evaluation of the event.

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