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Spill The Tea

Aldershot Youth Crew activity station at the Aldershot Wellness Fair

Fair date: Thursday, May 30 from 5:00-8:30  

Families came to our booth and saw materials about the importance of positive relationships between adults and youth. They were invited to have a small cup of tea with two members of our tea. A tea cup will be “spilled” and in it will be a question such as “How do you spill the tea on important issues in your family?”

For those unfamiliar, “spill the tea” is slang for “being real and sharing secrets”. Families will be sharing their secrets with us and we can also provide them with some insights and strategies on how to get closer and build “Developmental Relationships”.

Families can “leave a message” / “take a message” of kindness on their way out.
After each family leaves the tea station, the youth will write down their findings or use their tech devices to track. Post-event we will review the collected information and see how it can be utilized in our work and where/how to share our findings.

We thank the Region of Halton Public Health department for their invitation to this event. We also acknowledge the support of HDSB School Trustee Leah Reynolds for encouraging the youth and intentionally introducing us to community partners, educators and citizens of ldershot. The youth volunteers at this event were Maddy Bauer, Jaime Cools-Lartigue, Eva Ohata, Isha Tokas, Haeley Warren and Lindsay Warren.

Booth rationale

  • Tea ceremonies are important in many cultures such as Japan and Middle East

  • This is an opportunity to gather, talk and get away from screens

  • People can come one-on-one or as a family to “spill the tea” on connections between youth and adults

How will people FEEL when they leave the booth? And what will they remember?

  • We want them to feel empowered and motivated. We also want people to think that this is simple for them to begin implementing

  • They will have ways to build relationships and strategies

  • “Relationships help us sink or swim” – there is power in ONE positive relationship

What questions did we ask?

  • How do you share power in your household between adults and youth?

  • How do you “spill the tea” in your family?

  • What are activities your family does to create strong parent/youth relationships?

  • What do you think relationships are supposed to look like between parents and kids? Other adults and kids?

Results from Spill The Tea - Read the Feedback

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