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Deep Dive: Environmental Sustainability

The Deep Dive series grew out of the need to educate our volunteers on topics they were interested in supporting. This allowed for the group to be on the same page, learn concepts and definitions and understand the local context.

During the Fall of 2020, Josh Taylor-Detlor planned and facilitated another amazing Deep Dive series - this time focusing on the topic of environmental sustainability. 



What: A four-week series arming you with the knowledge you need to understand, educate, and take meaningful action in addressing climate change

So What: By learning about the context of climate change, and being tasked with individual goal-setting and progress-sharing, we can impact our communities to make change too! 

Now What: Join us weekly to uncover truths, discuss action, and help us educate others on how we can all play a meaningful role in addressing climate change!

Each week, the volunteers came together to learn important concepts, unpack quotes from strong voices and have meaningful discussions. The topics included:

Week One - Our Climate and Colonialism
Climate Change and Colonialism - Ekateria Stepanski


Week TwoAll about Mino-Mnaamodzawin and Indigenous excellence
Mino-Mnaamodzawin - Ethan Ruggerio

Week ThreeSustainability, Individuals, and Movements

Climate Pledge - Angela Gerrada

Week Four - Our Climate Forum – What Can We Do? 

Attached are examples of student work from Weeks 1-3. It is clear these lessons deepened their knowledge, interest and ability to take action.

During Week Four, we invited members of the community and government to join us for a forum to share what we learned, express our pledges and have guests make their own pledges too!




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