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Friends of Silent Voice -
Ongoing campaign and fundraiser

This summer the Service Learning team of the Halton Youth Initiative continued learning from and volunteering in support of Silent Voice. 

Silent Voice serves Deaf adults, youth, children, and their families in an American Sign Language (ASL) environment. They are dedicated to improving communication and relationships between Deaf and hearing family members and Deaf and hearing members of the community. To learn more about this organization visit: 

The summer fundraiser was the 5th HYI edition of “Crafting for a Cause”. With this style of fundraiser, our team created crafts and jewelry. We sell online and go to farmers' market events to raise awareness about the organization and to gain donations. 

New this time around, we created a unique Instagram account to focus only on selling crafts and jewelry. The account was called @Friends.Of.Silent.Voice and it gained 50 followers during the month of August. 

At the end of summer, we went to the Acton’s farmer market. It was such an amazing experience and we sold over $200! It was also great to get the team together for a time to be in person and bond. 
























In total, we raised $319.20 - surpassing our goal of $300! Our donation will go to reduce costs for children and youth registering for the Silent Voice ASL Camp in summer 2022. 

Additional comments from teammates:

Participating in the Silent Voice Crafting for a Cause was a really great experience and a fun way to spend my summer giving back to the community! I especially loved meeting some of the camp Counsellors and campers at Silent Voice, so we could really understand what our support means to them and see how our actions are making a difference! - Angela Gerada

I learned a lot from the Silent Voice Fundraiser. I didn’t just learn how to make jewelry but also supported a good cause and help others in need. Participating in this fundraiser was really special for me because I have always wanted to help out the deaf community. I am really glad that the work we did will be helping deaf children go to summer camp and enjoy themselves just like I did! - Manya Bhandari

The Silent Voice Fundraiser has given me the opportunity to not only make a difference by supporting those from the deaf and hard of hearing community but has also allowed me to develop various skills such as leadership, collaboration and initiative. This experience has given me insight into how the deaf and hard of hearing communities communicate with each other, and the importance of supporting all humans despite their disability, race, ethnicity or gender. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to spend my summer by helping members of my community, and see the difference that was created through it! -  Nishita Pillai


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