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25 Community Conversations

25 Community Conversations was a community engagement project in commemoration of The Oakville Community Foundation’s 25th Anniversary. As they celebrated their first 25 years, they wanted to learn how Oakville could foster more belonging and inclusiveness over the next 25 years. The Oakville Community Foundation (OCF) launched 25 Community Conversations in April 2019, and one of those conversations was with the North Oakville Youth Development Council (NOYDC) and how youth in Oakville could feel like they belonged and felt included in their community even more.


The result of that conversation was a submission by the NOYDC to the OCF that proposed a youth-led Love My Hood idea inspired by municipalities such as Burlington and Kitchener. Read our detailed submission.   The NOYDC was awarded a grant to fund this idea and began developing an application process in early 2020. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 the Love My Hood idea was placed on hold. We are thankful to the OCF for supporting the NOYDC’s idea and hopefully a similar Love My Hood initiative will move forward in the future.  Read the complete OCF: 25 Community Conversations Report

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