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Creating Youth Friendly Spaces at Your Fair Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies

On February 15, 2021 three Milton Youth Action Team volunteers delivered a one-hour presentation to the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (OAAS). Our long-time supporter, Pat Howell-Blackmore, made this opportunity for youth leadership possible!

Kacy Bao, Mira Kikhia and Amber Siddiqui were sharing their experience planning and hosting two entertainment stages at the Milton Fall Fair in September 2019, to a virtual crowd of adults who run Agricultural Societies across Ontario. Agricultural Societies are the backbone of many Fall Fairs that we know and love.

Amber, Kacy and Mira at the Milton Fall Fair in 2019.

The presentation was called “Creating Friendly Spaces at Your Fair”. A great experience for us to practice public speaking, reflect on past volunteer efforts and to share the youth perspective with adults who wanted to learn! 

Kacy, “For this to be the first project that we took on, we definitely learned alot about each other and ourselves in terms of our strengths and what we like to do. It showed us that if we could accomplish this, we could accomplish basically anything.”

Amber, “One of the big strengths of how we coordinate our efforts was that we split into two teams and it allowed us to focus on our own interests and it motivated each volunteer to work harder because they were doing tasks they wanted to. We became friends and stayed friends through this experience, so this project really built our relationships, and had us learn about other people.”

Mira, “This event was great for me, I developed better relationships with my home community and with the volunteers that I worked with. It showed what we were capable of through hard work, dedication and communication.” 

Iman Ahsan, Kacy Bao, Farrah Laufer 2.jpg
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