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2020 04 Indigenous Literacy

In April 2020, the Communications Crew continued to express their interest in being part of the Truth and Reconciliation Journey. Volunteers were tasked with finding a topic, story or person of interest - and were asked to write a blog or create social media slides to share what they learned. Some volunteers sought to understand how the deep impact of colonialism created drinking water advisories in Indigenous communities, others explored recipes made using food and spices that naturally occur in our landscape, and some wrote to the newspaper about the importance of National Indigenous month - and what that means for non-Indigenous people. 

Please note: content will become outdated over time. We apologize for any errors in the following posts and are open to corrections/removal of content that are inaccurate. We created a snapshot framework for the volunteers to utilize while they explored this project. 

Communications Crew - met every Tuesday on ZOOM. Facilitated by Lily Viggiano. We thank Armen from the Oakville Public Library for helping us navigate the library search function to find amazing Indigenous authors and musicians. Big shout out to Pat Howell-Blackmore for supporting our volunteers who submitted their articles to the media. 


Social Media Posts:

Leah Lim-Tran - Indigenous Businesses to Support

Isha Tokas - Powerful quotes from Indigenous people

Fatima Zaidi - National Indigenous Peoples month

Ali Malik - Boil Water Advisories infographic

Alisha Ahmed - Water is Life

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