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2018 North Oakville Youth Development Council National Youth Week Barbeque

Prior to 2018, the Oak Park Neighbourhood Centre (OPNC) held a community barbecue each May.  When the OPNC became a community partner of the North Oakville Youth Development Council (NOYDC), it generously partnered with our youth council members to recognize National Youth Week during their annual May barbecue.  2018 marked the official year that the NOYDC in partnership with OPNC started to mark National Youth Week with fun activities, a button maker, food and friends!  Here are some quotes from our youth council members during 2018’s National Youth Week!

“National Youth Week is a week dedicated to the celebration of youth and their active participation in their community. Youth can participate in various different activities during youth week. It will help bridge the gap between young people and adults. Youth week creates a fun and positive atmosphere in people’s lives. Through activities during the week, such as recreation and the arts, youth learn five basic life skills, which include social, moral, ethical, physical and cognition competence. Also, young people are meeting the seven developmental needs which they need to feel engaged in the world. These needs are self-definition, physical activity, meaningful participation, mastery and achievement, positive interaction with adults and peers, structure and clear limits, and creative expression. Be unique. Be bold. Be fearless. Be you!” – Daniela (Youth Council Member)

“With this upcoming week being youth week, I wanted to write about youth engagement in communities. Youth engagement in the community is super important! No matter what community you’re a part of. Your fellow community members whether parents, educators, other adults, or fellow youth will want to hear what you have to say. Your voice and opinion matter and people want to hear your ideas and what you think will better the community you live in. If you don’t share your opinion your voice and ideas won’t be heard, so all of your amazing ideas will go to waste, but you have your voice that can make your ideas a reality. Even though it may not always seem like it, what I’ve learned from being on the council is that adults will value your thoughts.

Youth voice is extremely important within every community. Youth voice gives an idea as to what will make your community even more amazing! Besides, youth come up with some pretty amazing ideas that some adults would’ve never thought of. Adults can’t do what they do alone, youth play a vital role in community decision making, especially in decisions that don’t impact adults. Your voice is also important because this is your future community, you want to see good things in the future that you will like, and you will accomplish that by using your youth voice and contributing to the community. So, get out there and better your community! Happy Youth Week!” –Victoria (Youth Council Member)

See all of the fun at the National Youth Week Barbeque hosted by the North Oakville Youth Development Council.

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