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2020 05 Expanding Possibilities Panel

The Expanding Possibilities Career Panels were an additional component of the COVID-19 Virtual Response Team. Youth earned points for leadership and engagement at both panel events. 


During the two panel events, professionals from a variety of fields joined us on ZOOM to discuss their unique career paths and provide advice to our volunteers. The volunteers asked a lot of questions and were eager to hear how there is no “one right way” to become successful in your career.


Advice included: lean into your strengths, volunteer to build your skills, don’t be afraid to “network”, interest and curiosity can outperform talent if talent doesn’t work hard. Say yes to opportunities when you can, find a good work-life balance and get involved in your schools/community clubs to have strong interpersonal skills. Panellists also made themselves available for post-panel support for students who wanted to learn more.

Part One - Business and Community

The Halton Youth Initiative was happy to host 6 engaging panellists from the business and community sector. 

  • Reid Cowper, Kinesiologist 

  • Saloni Kalia, Youth mental health therapist

  • Lindsay Sinclair, Community mental health therapist

  • Jackie Ropotyn, Paralegal

  • Garrett MacLean, Project Engineer

  • Sameera Ali, Town Councillor

Part Two - Arts and Tech

The Halton Youth Initiative was happy to host 6 engaging panellists from the art and tech sectors. 

  • Adam Clarke, CTO at GameLog (tech)

  • Ashlyn Vickey, Photographer & Social Worker

  • Alex Hilson, Media and Community Work

  • Raven Sutherland - Advertising and Marketing Coordinator & Digital Illustrator 

  • Sam MacPherson, CTO at Bellwood Studios (tech)

  • Victoria Ward - Project Manger in Graphic Design


Lily would like to say a big thank you to her family, friends and professional contacts for being part of the Expanding Possibilities career panels! 

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