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2020 01 Town of Milton: Youth Voice

The Milton Youth Action Team was dedicated to amplifying youth voices in their community. In addition to a strong social media presence and expressing themselves on the team and in their school clubs/council - they connected directly with the Town of Milton to ensure that young people were heard and included in decisions that affect them!

Town of Milton - Youth Strategy council meeting at Town Hall
Our friend and mentor, Michele Dittmer, left her role at the Town of Milton to work full time at her organization the

Canadian Gap Year Association - but she continued to support us and find opportunities for youth to lead. Michelle

connected us to the person who filled her role at the Town of Milton, Andrea Beebe. 

We were invited to Milton’s Town Hall to listen and speak at the council meeting where the new Youth Strategy was being reviewed by the Town Council. It was an exciting opportunity to ensure youth were present every step of the way. A focus on positive youth hangout space was key in both the strategy and discussions at town council 


“We Make Milton” - Visioning event
The Town of Milton has been busy planning the next 30 years of Milton. A fast-growing commuter town with a new post-secondary institution set to open in 2022 - this community is rife with opportunity. Intentionally consulting with various demographics is vital in this planning process. The Milton Youth Action team went to a “We Make Milton”

visioning night to provide our thoughts and stories to shape policy. Additionally, we communicated digitally to the Senior Planning department about additional wants, needs, and desires for the town of Milton. We thank Nancy Reid and Christina Romaz for facilitating these discussions. 
















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