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2019 09 Alderfest

Alderfest is an annual fair and celebration that takes place in the Bolus Gardens Parkette in the Aldershot neighbourhood of Burlington. On Saturday, September 14th from 1:00-4:00PM the Aldershot Youth Crew headed to 5th annual Alderfest to engage with the community. 

According to the Partnering Aldershot Committee, the estimate is that over 900 people joined us for the celebration.  That was the largest count to date.

The Aldershot Youth Crew has a number of activities in their designed “Youth Zone”. We painted faces and hands, did button making and even had some research questions posed to fair goers.

We thank the Partnering Aldershot Committee, in particular the Aldershot BIA for their invitation to our crew to host the “Youth Zone” at the event. The volunteers who supported the “Youth Zone” were Emily Mondoux, Chase Moulton, Emily Moulton, Gabriel Moutlon, Eva Ohata, Isha Tokas and Ishita Tokas along with AYC facilitator Lily Viggiano. 

The questions and results were as follows.

What youth want adults to know:

  • Youth need voices x 4

  • Youth desire more freedom x 2

  • Kids are awesome x 2

  • Tune into how we feel x 2


Comments on Adult behaviours

  • Don’t buy kids vapes/drugs

  • Less road rage

  • How racist Donald Trump is 

  • No playing on phone when you’re with family

  • Adults need to be more responsible

  • Help us – don’t just say “tell the teacher”

  • listen to us

Comments on how they feel adults perceive youth 

  • Not all of us are bad/do drugs

  • Make us do more math

  • Kids need more candy :) 

What adults want youth to know:

  • School is important x 8

  • How to make a budget x 7

  • Harmful drugs can kill – you have to know where you’re getting things from x 5


Learn Life skills x 3

  • First Aid

  • Interview skills

  • How to change a tire

  • Math

  • What to do when the power goes out

  • History

  • Know your rights

  • Chores – and how to wash the dishes

Values to uphold

  • Be kind to one another x 3

  • Be part of your community x 3

  • Take responsibility x 2

  • Not to use so much tech x 2


  • To your intuition

  • To your parents

  • There are people that will help

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