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2019 The Seven Somebodies Events

From the team’s inception until we virtual - the Seven Somebodies interacted with their community at a number of events. We thank the amazing adult allies in our network who extended invitations for us to participate!
Community Dinner - June 21, 2019
The Community Dinner night was hosted at MSB school on June 21 which is also National Indigenous Peoples Day and the Summer Solstice. The Seven Somebodies created artwork around the event, managed the food table, hosted games and kept an eye on the bouncy council on a beautiful warm evening. This was our first public-facing event and it was a great chance for us to show up our team spirit and make a splash in Acton. 










Crafting for a Cause - November & December 2019
The Crafting for a Cause campaign became a frequent flyer project during the virtual component of the Halton Youth Initiative. The concept originated on the Seven Somebodies as many of our members were into art, crafts or simply wanted to improve their entrepreneurial skills by creating and selling products. Our first campaign raised money for Links2Care and we sold our items at the Acton Heritage Society on a busy Saturday afternoon. Lily was thrilled to share her jewelry-making skills with interested volunteers - and we thank Alex Hilson and his brother for supporting the booth that day and putting our picture in the Tanner (local newspaper).




Learning About Indigenous Past and Present - January to March 2020
This team felt it was very important for us to embark on the lifelong journey of truth and reconciliation. They suggested that Iroquois Ridge high school change it’s name as Iroquois is the colonized name for the Haudenosaunee or allow the Mississauags of the Credit First Nation determine the new name. They told the Acton Youth centre that they should allow for and have Indigenous medicines on the property for smudging purposes. They wrote letters to Justin Trudeau as part of the annual February “Have a Heart” campaign. If you’re not familiar, “Have a Heart Day is a child and youth-led reconciliation event that brings together caring Canadians to help ensure First Nations children have the opportunity to grow up safely at home, get a good education, be healthy, and be proud of who they are.” We spent time learning about the history of Canada and Indigenous peoples, the present day situations and what the future may look like if we all move forward together. They proudly signed a pledge that they would learn about the truth and act to reconcile together. 

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