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2021 05 Halton Youth Impact Survey

Volunteers from the Halton Youth Initiative had an incredible opportunity to participate in the Halton Youth Impact survey throughout the 2021 year. The Halton Youth Impact survey, coordinated by Our Kids Network, was one of four communities piloting a new child and youth well-being survey developed by UNICEF. 


Before the survey was public, HYI volunteers created promotional videos for the survey, developed a peer-to-peer plan and provided thoughts on how the survey could be delivered in Halton Region.


Seven HYI volunteers also became Youth Impact Ambassadors, joining 25 youth from around Halton Region who dedicated time each week to promote the survey and encourage peers from all walks of life to see the importance of sharing their thoughts. 


The breakout team included: Research, Communication, Social Media and Events. It was a fast-paced, high-impact short-term project and we thank everyone involved for their efforts! Here are some examples of HYI volunteers being involved in the survey. More leadership opportunities to come in Fall/winter 2021 when we receive the data. 







Learn more about the Halton Youth Impact survey

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