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2020 12 Crafting for a Cause

Event Name: Crafting for a Cause

Event Purpose: Virtual fundraiser to raise money for Darling Home for Kids. Volunteers created crafts and jewelry to purchase, as well as accepted donations. 

Timeframe: October-December 2020

Volunteers: Iman Ahsan, Iman Ayyaz, Gabrielle Dymock, Layan Haddadin, Nabeha Hafiz, Mira Kikhia, Farrah Laufer, Birva Pandya, Nishita Pillai, Amber Siddiqui, and Cassidy

What is Darling Home for Kids: The Darling Home for Kids provides high-quality respite, residential and hospice palliative care services for children who are medically complex, many of whom suffer from progressive illness.

Why Darling Home for Kids: We chose the Darling Home for Kids due to a connection to the Milton Youth Action Team (one of our former in-person tables). In February 2020, we held an internal pitch competition where our volunteers split into small groups and pitched community action projects ideas. The ideas were judged by community leaders and each of the 4 groups received a small $$ amount towards their idea. The Darling Home for Kids project idea was the winning idea - and because of the pandemic, it was shelved. We were so happy to circle back to support this important organization. 

Total $$ raised: $517.00

Other highlights and notes:

  • This was our first virtual fundraiser. In fact, we were part of the MCRC Holiday Market which allowed us to have an online shop via Shopify. 

  • We were planning on being part of the in-person holiday market and on the way to the venue the night before, we got the call that the in-person event was cancelled. This was a great opportunity for our volunteers to understand the disappointment, remain flexible and positive in the face of challenging situations 

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