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Adult allies act as supports to youth council members through role modelling, giving feedback, mentoring, and providing guidance related to youth leadership tasks, both in and outside of meetings.  Adult allies will be determined by youth council members by vote.  Adult allies are not to exceed the number of youth council members.  The ideal number should be a 1:2 ratio of adults to youth per meeting.    

Tasks of adult allies include -

  • Finding ways to build relationships with and increase assets of youth council members both in and outside of meetings

  • Adherence to youth council group guidelines (available from Project Coordinators)

  • Assistance with coordination of separate youth workgroups/sub-committees as required

  • Completion of agreed upon tasks

  • Provision of agreed upon in-kind services if applicable

  • Promoting youth council project objectives throughout the community (e.g. building youth assets, advocating for youth mentorship opportunities, finding ways to embed youth voice and engagement strategies within organizations)

  • Promotion of youth council activities to youth and the community

  • Ongoing communication with the Project Coordinator (e.g. attendance, community updates for youth, bringing guests to meetings) 

  • Preparing for meetings by reading previous minutes and other related communication

  • Attendance at most youth council monthly meetings (e.g. at least 60% attendance or roughly 7/12 meetings per year)

  • Completion of Our Kids Network and Ontario Trillium Foundation evaluation surveys

  • All other tasks as needed by the council

Youth Council Adult Ally Description

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