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DIY Face Masks

By Faith M., Aldershot Youth Crew, Creative Spaces

August 12, 2020

We are all trying to do our best to stop the spread of COVID-19. Use this step-by-step do it yourself video to make a face mask from a repurposed t-shirt to do your part in protecting yourself and others from COVID-19.


Warning: These masks are meant to prevent the wearer from transferring the virus, and they only can provide limited protection for the wearer themselves.


• A sewing needle

• Old t-shirt

• Scissors

• Pins

• Chalk

• Iron

• Optional: sewing machine & some tape

Step One: Iron your t-shirt so there are no creases

Step Two: Measure two rectangles that are 10 inches by 12 inches. Then mark the edges with chalk.

Step Three: Measure two rectangles that are 1 inch by 18 inches and two rectangles that are 1 inch by 10 inches. Then mark the edges with chalk

Step Four: Use the marking that were made earlier to help you cut out the thin strips of fabric.

Step Five: Use the marking that were made earlier to help you cut out the rectangles

At this point, you should have:

• Two rectangles of fabric 10 inch by 12 inch

• Two strips of fabric 1 inch by 18 inch

• Two strips of fabric 1 inch by 10 inch

Step Six: Grab the two rectangles, then place the pins into the corresponding sides of the fabric.

(For this project I used a sewing machine but you can also sew by hand. If you sew it by hand, I suggest you wrap tape around one of your fingers it works just like a thimble)

Step Seven: Sew along the pins.

(Repeat Step six and Seven to two of the remaining sides. Three out of four sides will be sewn.)

Step Eight: Turn the fabric inside out.

Step Nine: Sew along the open edge of the fabric.

Step Ten: In the middle of the mask, cut through one side of the fabric. You will be able to put a filter into the area once you are finished.

Step Eleven: Place some pins into the middle of the strips of fabric that are 1 inch by 18 inch, and 1 inch by 10 inch

Step Twelve: Sew along the pins.

(Repeat Steps Eleven and Twelve to the other two strips of fabric.)

Step Thirteen: On the rectangular piece of fabric, make 14 marks (7 on the right and 7 on the left) with chalk. Make sure they are 1 inch apart.

(Tip: Line up the ruler to the edge of the fabric and instead of starting at 0 inch, start at 1 inch)

Step Fourteen: Pleat the top layer of the fabric.

Step Fifteen: Make sure all of the pleats are lying flat, then sew across the pins. Do on the other side.

Step Sixteen: Iron the pleats in place.

Step Seventeen: Get one of the larger strips of fabric (1 inch by 18 inch) and one of the smaller strips of fabric (1 inch by 10 inch) then sew the 1 inch ends together so they become one long strip.

Step Eighteen: Place the thin strip on the top edge of the mask, then center the thin strip of fabric so that both sides are roughly equal. Once completed sew across the middle of the thin strip so that the mask and the strip is connected.

(Tip: If you are going to sew by hand, I suggest that you pin the thin strip of fabric down.)

Step Nineteen: Iron the pleats in place again.

The End!



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