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Drawing Patrick Star: Step-by-Step Guide

By: Gabriel M., Aldershot Youth Crew, Creative Spaces

August 11, 2020

“Are you ready kids?!” “Aye Aye Captain!” “I can’t hearrrrr you!”

Are you ready to learn how to draw Patrick Star, the beloved simple starfish from Sponge Bob Square Pants?

Helpful tip: If your device is big enough, trace using pencil!

Here is my written description on how to draw Patrick but I think it’s best if you also look at the pictures too so you know what I mean.

Picture One

BODY: Patrick’s body is a tear drop shape. Leave a space on the middle right of the tear drop for arm. Leave a space at the bottom of the teardrop for his leg.

RIGHT ARM: Create a fin-like shape for his arm on the middle right hand side.

EYES: Create two side by side ovals for his eyes on the top left of the tear drop

Picture Two

EYEBROWS: Create a two parallel dashes above each eye for eyebrows

BELT: Start the belt (two parallel lines) under the right arms and bring across to the left. For added effect, don’t draw the lines perfectly straight, swoop down to create the appearance of a belly.

RIGHT LEG: Where the space on the bottom of the teardrop was left for his leg, create a rectangle shape to make the appearance of a pant leg.

Picture Three

EYEBALLS: make a dot in the center of each eye

LEFT ARM: Create a long oval on the left side that aligns with the top of the right side arm

LEFT LEG: Leave about an inch in between the inner part of the right leg and the inner part of the left leg. Make sure the bottom of the left leg is on the same horizontal line as the bottom of the right line.

FEET: Patrick’s feet should look like triangles. Two sides of the triangle align with the edges of the pants and the tip of the triangle should be facing down

Picture Four

MOUTH: To draw the mouth draw a slanted square. To add the tongue draw a half circle with a dash halfway through. (please look at the picture to understand what I mean)

Picture Five

PANTS: Patrick’s pants need flowers/coral on them. Draw a few to jazz up his pants.

CHEST: Draw two dots for nipples and a belly button


I hope you had fun – if you use our Step-by-Step tutorial please send us a copy or tag us #HaltonYouthInitiative in a post!

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