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Holistic Wellbeing: Indigenous Ways of Connecting with Mind, Body, Emotions & Spirit

By Tina L., Halton Youth Initiative Youth Volunteer

December 9, 2020

In this article Tina describes the online event her youth team hosted, with Knowledge Keeper, Val King, around the topic of Indigenous ways of healing and holistic wellbeing. If you missed the event you can watch the video now.

Indigenous medicine and ways of healing incorporate the four parts of your being: mind, body, spirit, and emotion to heal an individual.

On Thursday November 5th 2020, our Creative Spaces - Snowfoxes virtual team hosted an Indigenous Medicines Event to share the beauty of Indigenous healing and wellness. We had an amazing guest speaker, Val King, come in and share her expertise as an Indigenous Knowledge Keeper. She is a holistic counsellor and activist, living on the Mississaugas of the Credit all her life.

Youth volunteers had the opportunity to ask her questions that we had regarding Indigenous medicines and ways of healing. From learning about teas such as corn husk and chamomile used to treat anxiety, to getting a live demonstration and explanation of smudging, the event gave Halton Youth Initiative (HYI) volunteers a glimpse into the many ways of healing in Indigenous culture. Val and her daughter, Jai, also gave us a heartfelt talk of what Indigenous medicines mean to them and to Truth and Reconciliation.

As somebody who is very passionate about the health sciences as well as Indigenous culture, it was very captivating to learn about a practice so interconnected and spiritually centered. Furthermore, it was inspiring to hear Val’s journey and to learn about what we, as non-Indigenous youth, can do to amplify and uplift Indigenous voices as allies.

Special thanks to Valerie King and Jai for coming on to share their knowledge and passion with all of us here at the HYI! Chi-miigwech!

Questions we asked the Knowledge Keeper at our event:


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