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HYI Grad Event

By: Nimra Ramzan, HYI Volunteer

December 7, 2021

The HYI Grad event was an amazing experience that really emphasized the sense of community and diversity in our council. Doing each task week by week, I didn’t notice all the work and accomplishments that built up over time. However, at this event I realized how much we have achieved. To be specific, when we went through the slideshow and highlighted each year’s achievements, I felt really proud of our council. Even more so, I felt proud of myself when I saw the projects on screen that I participated in, like the interviews with indigenous businesses.

That’s something I want to highlight about the grad event. Our council has been a great place for people to work on what they’re passionate about, and this event was an amazing place to see the full outcome of the hard work our members put in. Not only is HYI a unique volunteering experience, but it’s also a creative place to start projects and invest in your interests.

Overall, I would say the event was a massive success. The turn-up was amazing, the presentation went smoothly, and it was great to reflect on our work as a team. I really enjoyed it and would have to say it was my favourite event we had as a council.

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