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My Experience as a Breakout Room Leader

Tanvi Manku is a caring and brilliant leader with the Halton Youth Initiative. She brings her positive energy and can-do attitude to every experience, whether in brainstorming process or at a Wellness Walk meeting other team mates. She submitted some thoughts on her experience as a Breakout Room leader.

My experience as a Breakout Room Leader for the Halton Youth Initiative (HYI) has been such an enriching opportunity.

In Team Mativations (part of Creative Spaces), our main focus was mental health. We began the Motivation Monday project, where we posted quotes and activities revolving around a specific theme on Instagram every Monday. We also hosted a discussion about mental wellness and self-care for Mental Health Week. Planning these initiatives involved a lot of collaboration so that we all understood each others' ideas and opinions.

Now, in the HYI Sustainability Team (part of Team Builders), we have been working on creating a new organization continuing the work of the HYI. This has required a lot of communication and feedback from all HYI stakeholders and it has been a great way to build relationships.

I think one of the most important things a leader can do is to share their power by giving everyone the opportunity to contribute as well as ensuring that their team fosters an environment where members feel valued.

Overall, being a Breakout Room Leader for the HYI has been an experience that I have learned so much from and I truly appreciate the opportunity!

Tanvi is the third from the left at the wellness walk in Oakville.



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