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Acton - Seven Somebodies :)

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

by Faith W., One of the Seven Somebodies

September 5, 2019

What is the Seven Somebodies? You may ask yourself this question when looking around town or in your school. Well, the seven somebodies is a group of kids aged 12-17. This group of kids helps the youth of Acton have a voice when it comes to choices made by the adults in our community. This group also hosts some community activities for anyone to participate in. Many of our members go to school in Acton and live in town seeing what goes on from a kid’s point of view. Our group is a laid back bunch that notice community issues affect youth and adults alike. We like to generally keep our meetings relaxed and talk about the most pressing matters or what the group will do next. We like to go and see what goes on in town and help when needed. Our group cares what happens to the youth in town and hope you see that too.

Pictured are some of the Seven Somebodies on a community tour – we were at the Acton Library.

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