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Staying Positive During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Our Communications Crew Members Share Their Thoughts

By: Farrah L., Milton Youth Action Team

April 22, 2020

All around the world, many people are practicing social distancing and staying at home (with various exceptions). My own life (and your own) looks very different now, which can be scary. However, the same lifestyle advice on how to keep your mind and body active still applies. Here are some of the activities I've been participating in to help normalize, adapt and face social change.

Exercise: Just because you are inside doesn't mean your physical health has to suffer. I have been tuning into some live workouts on Instagram, engaging in YouTube yoga tutorials and using my once a day outdoor activity for a run, walk, or cycle.

Here are a few awesome YouTube videos/channels I enjoy: • Yoga with Adriene (on YouTube) • Blogilates • Popsugar Fitness

Baking: As I have been in quarantine, I've turned to yummy treats for comfort! Baking is a form of self-care that’s inexpensive, versatile, and easy. Whether it is cookies, cupcakes, muffins, loaves or cakes, baking is a great way to try something new, get your creative juices flowing, and just have some fun. If you feel confident, try experimenting with the ingredient mixing process. See if you can create your very own recipes. Recipes I've been loving:

Art: Grab yourself a paintbrush, pencil, camera, crayon, WHATEVER! Let's get creative and make some art. Even though I am in no way an artist, I've been starting to paint. I find it calming and a great tool that releases built-up stress and anxiety. You could try painting 'positivity rocks' dedicated to the frontline workers of COVID-19 and leave them at the front of your house. It's a great craft that makes the time go by and shows your support.

Here are some great tutorials and project ideas: • Search art ideas/crafts on Pinterest (they have so many ideas)

I also want to emphasize that it's ok if you did nothing today. We are all dealing with loss. Of course, some people are extremely sick and we are grateful we are not one of those people and can work from home surrounded by loved ones. But we are grieving. Whether you lost your prom/senior year or lost a vacation you have been planning for months. We are grieving. Most importantly, we are saddened by the absence of our regular daily lives and routines. Therefore, it's okay and normal if you did nothing today. Forgive yourself for being unfocused and lazy. Everyone has different needs and copes with change differently. Step back, breathe and adjust. Take this time to learn to reconnect with yourself. Take this time to prove to yourself that you are strong, resilient and can adapt to any situation.

It will get better. Stay safe and take care of yourself. Kids Help Phone is always available for support at 1-800-668-6868 and

Youth in Halton can also contact Rock Online at

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