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Two Tasty Recipes With Indigenous Roots!

By Elijah M., Aldershot Youth Crew

August 14, 2020

Here's a short guide on how to two make two recipes with Indigenous history that use ingredients found across Turtle Island. One recipe is how to make Blueberry, Corn and Wild Rice Salad. But that's not all we're also going to learn about how to make Double Cornbread Muffins!

Let's start with the Blueberry, Corn and Wild Rice Salad.

Things you need:

· bowls

· a pot

· a jar

· four tablespoons of lime juice

· four tablespoons of olive oil

· two tablespoons of honey

· half teaspoon of cumin

· half teaspoon of salt

· one cup of blueberries

· six cobs of corn

· quarter cup chopped red onion

· one small cucumber diced

· one cup cooked wild rice

· one quarter cilantro

· one jalapeno pepper chopped


All you need to do is get a large pot and boil saltwater, add the corn and let it boil for five minutes. When the five minutes are up, and the corn is cool enough to touch you can now cut the corn off the cob and stick it in a bowl.

Add the jalapeno peppers in with the red cucumber, then put in cilantro, wild rice, onion, and blueberries. At this point you can put on any dressing you like but if you want to stay more true to the original version the dressing you can create it by putting lime juice, oil, honey, cumin, and half a teaspoon salt in a jar seal it and shake it stick it in the bowl with the salad and then refrigerate it for a day.


Double Cornbread Muffins

Things you need:

· oven rack

· cooking spray

· large bowl x2

· one cup cornmeal flour

· two teaspoons baking powder

· one teaspoon baking soda

· one and one quarter teaspoon salt

· one quarter cup melted butter

· one quarter cup canola oil

· two tablespoons of maple syrup

· one cup buttermilk

· three quarters of a cup sour cream

· three eggs

· one cup corn kernels

· one tablespoon chopped sage

· muffin cups


All you need to do is heat up your oven to 350° F, spray the muffin tray with cooking spray, grab a bowl stick the cornmeal flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in it and mix them in a bowl. After it becomes a single gooey substance, find another bowl and combine the melted butter, oil and maple syrup until it becomes thick and creamy then add to the first bowl buttermilk and sour cream. You also need to stick three eggs in the first bowl one by one and mix it with the first mixture with a rubber spatula and keep mixing until its creamy then mix in corn kernels and sage and place pour the mixture into the muffin cups until they are each half full. Bake for 30 minutes and to preserve the muffins using plastic wrap in the freezer for at most two weeks.


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