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What Mariam Has to Say About Expanding Youth Possibilities

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Our Website Advisory Team Members Share Their Thoughts

By: Mariam T. (grade 10)

February 28, 2020

I strongly believe that it is vital for adults to partake in the lives of youth to create a positive outcome, for we are the future. Adults need to aid the youth of today so that we may expand our possibilities. Their support is helpful in many ways, as it inspires our future, and they may show us numerous future opportunities and by doing so we can meet new people who can help us grow as individuals.

I am hoping that my possibilities may be expanded through participation in the Youth Website Advisory Team as it introduces the profession of user interface design and broadens my scope to take into account the technology opportunities. Our future is filled with technology and being on this team is helping me develop important skills. Being on this team can help me meet new people and build connections as I continue to learn among others. By seeing adults accomplish great things, it inspires youth to do the same. By looking into different opportunities and exposing youth to different fields, youth can experience new things, see new places and ideas as well as building helpful connections along the way.”

Youth and Adults Allies in North Oakville discussing ways to expand possibilities.

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