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An Open Letter About the Halton Youth Initiative

By: Jialin Li, HYI Youth Volunteer

December 23, 2021

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to thank HYI for giving me the opportunity to collectively hear the voices of youth from different groups in my local community. My experience in HYI is like a treasure in my life, it taught me how to communicate with people who are the same age as me and how to work collectively as a group. Even though I only experienced two group projects, one is more promotional and the other creates a safe space for the youths – to me, both of them are well done and well developed. I consider both to be successful since more and more of my peers at school are supportive and willing to help, either promote or participate in the events I share. My personal growth is obvious where I'm able to present without script and learn the most effective way of communication is to listen to others’ perspectives patiently before making suggestions. The collaborating work is more effective with the aid of active communication between peers. Overall, this priceless experience has become an inseparable part of the memory.

Jialin Li

One of the slides Jialin prepared for the Let's Talk Mental Health! presentation.


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