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Halton Youth Initiative (HYI) Celebrates National Youth Week

By: Hargun R., North Oakville Youth Development Council Youth Council Member

May 1, 2020

Every year the North Oakville Youth Development Council (NOYDC) celebrates National Youth Week by hosting a community-wide barbecue event on May 7th at the Oak Park Neighborhood Center. This event serves as a way for our council to share and celebrate youth voice. However, when the current global pandemic reached Canada, our members, just like the members of our other HYI youth councils, halted all preparation for our in-person event. We did not want this devastating news to impact our ability to showcase the work that youth do. Thus, after multiple innovative discussions, we decided to host a virtual event on Instagram. On May 6th, the NOYDC plans to display youth artwork on Instagram that discusses youths’ take on the COVID-19 pandemic and/or their idea of youth safer-spaces. On May 7th, we also plan to post video clips and quotes by youth about the same theme, and announce an award to a youth safer organization/business in our Oakville neighbourhood based on a questionnaire developed by our council that we distributed back in March. We all sincerely hope that you can join us on our Instagram account @northoakydc on May 6th and 7th. Tell your friends to follow us on Instagram as well so they can keep up to date with all the fun and informative stuff our council has to offer. We know that currently, our future is uncertain. We are facing a challenging period in human history and it seems as though there is no end in sight. Even so, preserving a sense of normalcy is essential. That is why NYODC decided to continue the Youth week event no matter the circumstance. We wish well for you all, and wholeheartedly hope that everyone will persevere in these trying times. A special thank you to our NOYDC Youth Voices Volunteer Workgroup for planning this event!

North Oakville youth volunteers and adult ally Michelle Knoll (ED) from the Oak Park Neighbourhood Centre planning the event last year.

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