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Adult Support Needed for Youth Mental Health

By: Faith W., The Seven Somebodies, Aldershot and the HYI Communications Crew

May 14, 2020 When young people talk about mental health many adults brush off what youth have to say. It is an important topic that seems to be avoided by many. Youth experience a range of feelings (especially during this time); we see what is going on and know what the adults in our lives are facing too. Mental health is a big focus in schools and the people in charge don't always approach it in a good way. In school, if you talk about what you may be going through, you are sent to guidance and forced to talk about it with many adults in one room. Young people have to face the stress of school, the constant change in our world and the pandemic. With schoolwork loaded on students, many are not taught how to properly manage their time making any due dates feel looming and scary. The dynamic in young people’s school life can cause more stress than youth talk about. Many young people are overloaded with work and other activities outside of school. The change to virtual schooling, away from what they know and need, is a difficult change for students. Many young people feel unmotivated to do the work assigned to them by their schools.

Photo by: Andrea Piacquadio

Mental health affects us all and it should be a focus for everyone every day. Adults don't always realize that youth see and know more about how the world is right now. Young people are more connected to the world than ever, yet many adults think that we are disconnected on our devices. During this pandemic, health care workers are pushed to their limits trying to help those who are sick. The youth in their lives see what they are facing and many are concerned for their family. Many health care workers' children know that their parents are in a scary situation and many are afraid or worried. Youth also don't always talk about what they feel, either because they feel they don't have a trusted person in their life, or because they feel their feelings are not important. Mental health is a focus that we try to endure and it is getting easier to get into contact with people that can help us in our time of need. The increased focus on improving mental health makes it easier to talk about and helps youth more comfortable to talk about how they feel. If adults take the time to listen, validate our feelings and provide tactics to help - in the future, mental health issues will become easier for young people to discuss.

Photo by: Cottonbro

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