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Milton - What Youth Want Adults to Know

by Farrah L., Team Member

October 17, 2019

When I first read the question, "what youth want adults to know," I had ideas coming from many diverse approaches, as it is a complex subject that considers youth age, gender, lifestyle and scenario. However, to achieve fluidity and commonality within the realm of youth I decided to stick to the big idea that I am sure all youth relate to, the topic of cell phones, or any technology. I couldn't tell you how many times a parent, teacher or coach have said the words to youth, "You wouldn't last a day without your phones, tablets or laptops" and to be honest, I don't know why that is since most, if not all, adults use these same devices daily. Don't get me wrong, youth do love their games and social media, but we use these devices for other purposes far beyond the typical beliefs of adults. For one, we can all admit the future is heavily revolved around technology, and giving youth access to a tech gadget might supply them an edge when it comes to learning new skills and even steer them toward a career in mobile technology.

Some adults may not understand the apps and social media platforms that are available to youth, but it gives us the chance to explore and learn current information on the latest technology, computer programming and engineering. Phones, computers and tablets also provide educational support. For youth, free online message boards, lessons, infographics, and tutorial websites can be reached with the tap of a button. Some schools even support their own after-school sites where kids might be able to find help while writing essays or trying to puzzle out algebraic equations. Personally, I use my laptop and phone to use an app called google classroom, which allows me to stay on track of lessons, and my blueprint, a career pathway assisting platform.

Lastly, phones encourage youth to be a part of their community and reach for new responsibility possibilities. They can be a part of many volunteer movements and meet many amazing people that can help to develop various skills within themselves. For me, my phone has connected me to adult allies and distinct opportunities that benefit my social well-being and future. Overall, I can firmly say, youth would want adults to understand phones are used for far more than being on Instagram and watching Netflix, it’s a tool we use to connect, get help, involved, and learn.

Teen-aged members of the Milton Youth Action Team on stage at the Fall Fair with their team facilitator Lily wearing funny hats and glasses.
The Milton Youth Action Team at the Fall Fair with team facilitator, Lily. Adults – don’t be afraid to have fun with your youth!

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“Showing you care means taking action. My neighbour at my cottage knows my grandparents can’t get around that easy so he took me out on the lake to go tubing, water skiing and other activities. That really shows me he cares.” Noah E.

“We notice when you care and take time for us. In the past, my dance teachers have taken time to help me when they see I’m struggling. They not only identified my needs, they invested time and effort into helping me overcome it.” Jenna W.


“Youth need voices in their communities!” Isha T.

“After doing our research on this topic at Alderfest, it seems pretty easy for adults to think of things kids should know – but it’s a lot harder for kids to think of what adults need to know. I think we need to have more conversations where youth share their opinion and know their thoughts matter – like they will be heard.” Eva O.


“In terms of ideas, youth are good at coming up with ideas and need some authority to make it happen. Adults and youth are a powerful combination – youth power the ideas and adults can make it happen” Rayyan N.

“Our generation is trying to be sustainable. We have big ideas, but we don’t always know how to make the biggest impact – we need adult support. Youth care about big world problems, but we need help to make that happen. We also want practical information on things like how to do our taxes and live a healthy life.” – Kacy B.

North Oakville

“Youth want adults to know that they care about them and they are there to support them. They want them to know that although they need them around for support and guidance, youth would also like some personal space to figure out what they want to do.” Daniela A.

“As a youth, I would like adults to know that youth value their community and want to help assist in its proceedings. They like participating in political discussions and love being able to share their opinions, especially if people are willing to listen.” Hargun R.

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