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Milton - Why I Joined the Milton Youth Action Team

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

by Mira K., Team Member

September 5, 2019

I joined the Milton Youth Action Team because I was seeking opportunities to work with people in my town since I didn’t know much about where I lived or what went on around me. For example, when asked to name ways I could make my town a better place, it would take me a large amount of time to come up with an answer, and even then, it wouldn’t be a very good one. After beginning to search for ways to get involved, I found the Milton Youth Action Team, and applied for a spot, hoping I would become a more active member in my society, and start becoming a contributing factor to the events being organized around me. After working with the group for only a short period of time, I instantly feel l that I have learned and experienced a variety of new things like working together with others to organize and create a fun community gathering, such as the fall fair. It is such a pleasure to work along with all the volunteers, and see the progress we make after our very short but effective meetings.

Group of 8 Milton Action Team Members in a classroom holding a sign that says Milton Action Team with an arrow to the word Youth
Pictured are some of the Milton Youth Action Team in July 2019.

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