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What Aiden Has to Say About Expanding Youth Possibilities

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Our Website Advisory Team Members Share Their Thoughts

By: Aiden C. (grade 10)

February 27, 2020

The world is a big place. It's an intimidating place. However, it's also a magnificent place of opportunity. One of the main roles of adults as mentors/teachers to the younger generation should, therefore, be to expose them to at least some of what it has to offer. Doing so is essential to not only opening their minds to new things but setting them up for success. With exposure to various opportunities early in life, future leaders of this generation will have more of the skills and perspectives needed to be successful. So, how can adults help youth explore their possibilities?

Well, the first step is to understand their unique interests. Doing so builds a stronger bond between them, which makes for easier communication. Next, adults should offer relevant opportunities and guidance regarding the path the youth is taking, or planning to take. Life experience is something youth don't have a very good grasp of, so this is very important.

As a student myself, a big benefit of being on the Youth Website Advisory Team is that I get to explore many different opportunities by working in several avenues, such as writing, website design and participating in group discussions. What's more, I don't plan to stop exploring. These opportunities are most helpful in getting me thinking about my main interests, and consequently, my future career pathway.

North Oakville Youth Development Council members enjoy meeting and discussing opportunities for local youth.

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